Silica sand is the main raw material for the production of all types of glass. Chemical and granulometric composition of washed quartz sand, dried quartz sand, ground quartz sand made by AB Anykščių Kvarcas is suitable for the production of high quality glass products:

 Quartz sand for glass industry:

Metal foundries, metal casting

Silica sand is used in the manufacture of ferrous and non-ferrous metal molds. Silicon is resistant to high temperatures (melting point 1650°C) and has low thermal expansion. Due to these properties quartz sand is recommended for castings giving them a robust shape. Chemical purity of silicon prevents interaction with catalysts and chemical binders.

Quartz sand for castings:



Quartz sand is used in ceramics because it is chemically pure and resistant to high temperatures. Ground quartz sand is the main ingredient in the manufacture of glaze and a variety of ceramic products:

Sand is a filler in ceramic products which is bound using clay and various resins. By changing the distribution of sand particles and size, it is possible to control thermal expansion, drying time, shrinkage and improve the structural integrity and appearance of products.

Quartz sand for ceramics:



In the construction sector, quartz sand is widely used as a filler in the manufacture of:

Quartz sand provides durability, stability, and a white colour to products.


Quartz sand for construction industry:


Blast cleaning (sanding).

Quartz sand particles mined by AB Anykščių Kvarcas have sharp edges. Because of this feature, quartz sand is particularly suitable for blasting applications. By selecting the size of quartz sand particles it is possible to sand-blast a variety of surfaces: ferrous metals and their alloys, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals and their alloys, plastics, concrete, wood, stone, glass, ceramics and other materials.

Quartz sand-blasting treatment:


Water filters

Quartz sand is used in drinking water filters, pool filters, sewage treatment plants, and water wells. Due to similar silica particle shape and particle size distribution, it effectively removes contaminants from drinking water, swimming pools or sewage. Silica sand is chemically pure, it does not affect the quality of water and does not react with acids, pollutants, or organic solvents.

Quartz sand water filters:


Sport and leisure

The sand of AB Anykščių Kvarcas is applied for the installation and maintenance of artificial sports field coatings: football fields, tennis courts, beach volleyball courts, golf courses, and horse riding halls. Quartz sand does not react, and does not pollute the soil, making it suitable for the formation of natural coatings such as green golf courses. Silica particle shape and size provides water permeability for healthy growth of plants.

Suitable quartz sand: