AB Anykščių kvarcas produces and sells extremely high quality quartz sand used for the manufacture of glass with high light transmission properties, for polymer concrete, porcelain, glass fibre, drinking and domestic water filters, construction mixes, putties, fillers, aggregates etc.
The company operates the only quartz sand quarry in Lithuania located near the town of Anykščiai. SiO2 content in the quartz sand of the quarry is more than 95.0%. By granulometric composition, the main part consists of quartz sand particles from 0.10 mm to 0.315 mm.

Washed quartz sand
AB Anykščių kvarcas purifies quartz sand using the wet rubbing method. After silica sand washing process, SiO2 content is more than 98.8%, Fe2O3 no more than 0.05%,, Al2O3 no more than 0.6%.

Dried quartz sand
AB Anykščių kvarcas produces dried quartz sand. After the quartz sand drying process the produce moisture is <0.5%. Dried quartz sand is screened into different fractions.


Quartz sand powder

AB Anykščių kvarcas produces extremely high quality finely quartz sand powder (flour). 90% of quartz sand powder consists of particles smaller than 50 μm, and particles larger than 125 μm account for only 1%.

All AB “Anyksciu kvarcas” products are certificated.

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